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This Web-Ring has been created for the purpose of uniting
astrologically minded people and their web-sites.
The original Astrology's Own Web-Ring  was part of
the old WebRing system before the buy-out by Yahoo!
Due to their enforcement of acquiring a Yahoo!-ID, and the
disabling of the RingMistress's control over site content,
our web-ring is migrating to RingSurf, with its new Name:

Astrology's Wisdom Web-Ring


Official Ring Description: We welcome all web-pages offering original insights and
relevant information about astrology, regardless of style or zodiac,
and its relevance to our lives on Earth. We invite all web-sites focused on
Astrology, to share in this weaving of the wwweb,
EXCEPT for those offering nothing without money being exchanged.


Astrology's Wisdom Web-Ring
Ring Mistress  Sandy Hughes

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Astrology's Wisdom Web-Ring


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Our Web-Ring moved to RingSurf Sept. 15, 2000
original was created June 16, 1999
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