Delineation of WTC-Flight Charts
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also: Russian/Cessna crash Flight Chart and Delineation

Horoscopes of events (rather than people) fall into the category of Horary
Astrology. Travel Charts are one of its many threads, and some basic rules apply:


      Part of the Chart       Represents:
ASC, 1st House, ruler by sign
      and planets therein
The VEHICLE (car, boat, plane, etc.)
IC, 4th House, etc. The DEPARTURE
      (location, conditions, etc.)
DSC, 7th House, etc. Body of the journey, flight, etc.
MC, 10th House, etc. The DESTINATION
      (location, conditions, etc.)
The SUN The PILOT or Driver
MERCURY & 6th House The CREW

      All four of the doomed flights on September 11 took-off within twelve minutes of each other and are virtually identical from a horary perspective.

1. They all have Libra Rising, defining the vehicles, in this case, the planes. Libra has been called "the iron fist in the velvet glove" and it may never have been truer. They appeared innocent enough (Libra), as American commerical aircraft occupied by civilian passengers and crew, but they became lethal weapons with terrorists manning the controls and the fuel tanks loaded to the hilt, heading for more innocent civilians.
2. Venus (ruling Libra) in Leo in the 11th House shows the dramatic, public display and notoriety for which the planes were destined, but not for safe arrival. Venus's first aspect after take-off is an opposition to Uranus, signifying sudden turnarounds and reversals, shocks and radical changes of plans.
3. The Destination (MC) is Cancer, with the Moon Void-of-Course in Gemini in the 9th! It never makes it to the 10th, the Destination! The Moon is also the passengers. They don't make it either.
4. Mercury as the rising planet reveals the trickster plan 'on the rise' and applying to an exact trine to Saturn, shows the expert execution of that plan. Saturn rules the Departure, so we could assume that everything went 'according to plan' with boarding the planes.
5. Aries is on the DSC with Mars conjunct the South Node (note: the Mean Node was 2°16' with Mars at 1°26'!) showing the potential for violence and/or hijacking inflight.
6. The Sun, the pilot, is 'imprisoned' in the 12th House, with its only forming aspect, a quincunx to Uranus - a sudden, unavoidable diversion of the path! By traditional horary rules, the quincunx does not apply, and so the Sun has no aspects, i.e. the pilot has no options.

      These are merely my own observations, and I am NOT a Horary Astrologer, so please let us know of other horary sites, or your own delineations, and we will share them here.

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      Since we have been discussing such dramatic travel charts, I thought I would share the 'scheduled' flight chart for the Russian airliner that was hit by a small plane (Cessna) and then crashed into a hangar in Italy. The plane was delayed on the runway due to thick fog (!), but the scheduled flight time was 7:35a.m. EET (-2h), Oct.8, 2001, Milan, Italy.

The chart is a classic. Libra Rising again, with the Sun (pilot) exactly conjunct ASC, one MINUTE into the 12th house - he's in the plane, but may not be going anywhere! The Sun is also in a T-square with Jupiter/MC and Mars/IC! Venus (ruling Libran ASC, the plane) has 'just' squared the Moon 20ºGemini45' (passengers) by only 1/4º (ago), is sitting on the 12th house cusp, ready to 'disappear' and forming a tight (only Five Minutes of arc - 21:02 - 21:07) to a Quincunx (out of left field, bizarre, radical separation) to Uranus (sudden, shocking events, also separation)! A disaster was imminent!

The Moon is the passengers, but also rules the Destination here with Cancer on MC, and Saturn rules the Departure (Capricorn on IC). The Moon and Saturn are conjunct each other (the Destination and Departure were the same place, as it turned out), and in the 9th house, never making it to the 10th/Destination, and Saturn is Rx (something is delayed and/or goes wrong at point of Departure!). The Moon makes a last aspect which would normally be the thing that would show its arrival at the Destination, but in this case it is a trine to Mercury, which is Rx (uh oh) AND rules Gemini, the sign that both the Moon and Saturn are in!

Since Saturn is Rx now, it is also applying (back) to the opposition to Pluto (death). The final straw comes at the IC, with Mars in Capricorn conjunct and behind the cusp by one degree. Just looking at it makes me feel as if something is coming up 'behind me', and with Aries on the DSC, Mars rules the journey itself. It does not bode well when the journey is one degree 'behind' the Departure!!

Mars is quincunx the Moon and Saturn if read as a natal chart, but by horary rules, the actual movement of the planets has to be taken into consideration. In this case every aspect within orb of Mars has ALREADY PASSED! (even the square to the Sun, because in horary, "the Sun applies to no one; all planets apply to the Sun." - and the square would show the crash anyway.) The chart looks as if he ran into a brick wall, and I am sure that is what it felt like, if it felt at all.

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