'Magic Happens ~ Watch for it!'

      The 'music of the spheres' plays through our lives every moment, the Grand Alignments in the Heavens dance across the celestial stage, and we in turn, act out the magic of each moment in time, as reflected in the design of the horoscope. We ARE the actors, as Shakespeare said, playing out the timeless myths of our heritage, embodying the principles so effectively that we have forgotten that we are doing so.

      Because the archetypes are alive and well within us all, we can observe their behaviours in all of our activities, and by so doing, be informed of hidden agendas or obscure reasons for our choices, and then make conscious decisions to choose healthier options. Astrology is a Master Guide into the realms of the archetypal patterns through which we live. Much like a GPS (Global Positioning System) can pinpoint your geographical location on the planet, the astrology chart pinpoints your position in the eternal flow of the Cosmos, with specific reference to your karma and dharma on planet Earth.

      The reason that astrology can 'work' for everybody is because it is based on these universal archetypes, which are then personalized by every individual who embodies them, just as different actors may give their best performances in a classic Shakespearian role, but each with its own personal style. Since most of us have not been schooled in observing these phenomena in our daily lives, we walk around oblivious to their significance, thinking that we 'just can't know' some things, and that we have no control over what happens to us. This is the real 'myth' - if you define 'myth' as an untruth. In actual fact, however, mythology is simply 'our story' (history) as relayed through our predecessors, and the reality of mythology in our everyday world is far more tangible than most would dare imagine.

      Many people feel that their lives are small and insignificant, and that they will never have an 'initiation' experience like might have been available to their ancestors, or to those living in native cultures, or even to those who seek official Initiation through a specific spiritual discipline like Transcendental Meditation. Most people do not believe that their lives contain any 'magic' nor that they possess any personal power. It is my feeling that this extreme lack of self-esteem and self-reliance so evident in the masses is largely a result of our patriarchal Churches having done their best to eradicate the natural religions that had grown up around the seasons, the Moon and the stars, and along with them, the power of the commonfolk to commune with God.

      The old pagan ways were criticized and even damned as being 'evil' (think about that: 'of Eve' - i.e. feminine), and thus the power of intuitive knowing and natural resonances between our bodies, minds and souls with the rhythms of Mother Nature began to fade and go numb, as we gave more and more of our power away to the 'experts' - the priests and their guilt-mongering, the doctors and their pharmaceutical lobotomies and even our corrupt governments with their greedy agendas that keep our air, water and minds polluted.

      Astrology shows us that we CAN know what is going on! To really dig in and get to the bottom of things, it can sometimes be difficult or painful, but the symbolism is right before your eyes with astrology, and it can lead you to some amazing realizations about yourselves and your lives. Dr.Carl Jung said that every symbol is 'alive' and forever growing and changing, and that it would be a mistake to presume that we had ever fully interpreted it, because there was always more!

      The astrology chart is like that. Everything is there; it is just a matter of 'seeing it' which often requires a special circumstance, a deep need, a certain level of expertise or even just the right timing. It is not always easy to be truly HONEST with ourselves about all of our responses and behaviours, but the more open we can be in our self-search, the more abundant and beautiful will be the blossoms of our life. Likewise, the more we hide from our truths and stay 'curled up in the corner' the less well-formed will our manifestations be, like a plant that has been left in a closet with no light or water.

      The word 'evil' is 'live' spelled backwards. Perhaps the only true evil is to NOT LIVE life to its fullest, which to me, means HOLISTICALLY. Love is INclusive, not EXclusive. Turning the "I" in your Life into a circle "O" to include Others is to LIVE LOVE. Those of you anagram fiends might have already noticed that from 'LIVELOVE' you can extract the letters to spell 'EVOLVE' and that is how it works. Living a life of love is how we evolve. Embracing the holism of every moment yields a meaningful, bountiful life.

      When we are fully present in the moment we can become aware of the synchronicity that necessarily exists in all aspects of the moment because life is both holistic and holographic. As the Master Guide that it is, Astrology provides us with a time-tested framework within which we can see our own personal tapestries unfold, as well as opt for fully conscious participation! Make a bookmark for the Garden Gate and come back often to see what discussions have been added. Many a juicy tidbit will fall within the personal stories and related symbolisms as we chat.

Thanks for joining us.
Cheers & Blessings in these Dog Days of Summer!
Aug. 3, 2001

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