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  Each One of Us Is a Shining Star!
Astrologer for the Soul

Sandy Hughes has been a dedicated metaphysical practitioner since 1977.
Consistent application of the principles she teaches is the crux of her
success, as synchronicity & symbolism have a say in everything
she does. By truly living  her craft on a daily basis, she has
honed her skills to a fine art. Sandy brings an impressive
depth to her work, and has a long-standing,
enthusiastic, international clientele.

    The One Is the ALL!     The Moon gathers us together!

Sandy is a well-known lecturer, published author and highly respected
counselor. As an Aquarian, born in Neptune, NJ, (Chart here)
she was probably always an Astrologer at heart.
Astrology for the Soul is Sandy's specialty.

She has a special knack for making sense out of Life's bizarre twists and
turns, as well as pin-pointing timing factors, obstacles and
opportunities through the patterns in your birth chart.
Her special love of Chiron & the Asteroids
deepens your SoulScope experience.

Working, teaching & consulting in a metaphysical book store for
19 years, she was also a student of Meditation, Yoga, Tarot,
Past-Life Therapy, the I Ching and Jungian Psychology.

Her exposure to many spiritual disciplines and varied
walks of life has enriched her perspectives and
sculpted her unique counseling skills.

Sandy Hughes has been a professional astrologer, consultant and teacher,
since 1979. She began lecturing in 1981, co-founded Universal Search,
the Mainland BC, branch of the Fraternity for Canadian Astrologers
in 1982, and was an active president for the next three years.
She organized her first national conference Northern Lights,
in 1985, and many symposiums & gatherings since then.

She has been published in two Llewellyn collections:
'The Soul's Plunge into the 8th House,' in the book,
Intimate Relationships, ed. Joan McEvers, and
'Asteroids (& Chiron):  Lifting the Veils of Consciousness,'
Exploring Consciousness in the Horoscope, ed. Noel Tyl.

Sandy's personal background is here.

the YinYang Dance of Life

I would like to clarify here that metaphysical is a term that includes all phenomena
that 'go beyond the physical' (the tangible, measurable world, as we know it), and that
includes Astrology. It seems ludicrous to me to have to defend such a statement, but it
has come to my attention that there are many (mechanistic) astrologers who believe
that Astrology is nothing more than the study of the physical Universe, just a baby-step
away from Astronomy (which means 'naming the stars') and whose narrow window
allows them to label 'metaphysics' as namby-pamby psycho-babble.

Astrology will always be a mystical art as well as a science, because it includes
all levels of the Mysteries of Life, and not just the physical secrets. If we choose to limit
our studies to the material world, that is our prerogative, but to insist that all astrologers
follow suit is absurd. I invite those well meaning astrologers to get out of their heads
and into their hearts. They will discover an entire other world existing in-amongst
the one they know, and may even fall to their knees in gratitude and
recognition, when all their missing pieces fall into place.

It is no accident that the language of Quantum Physics is sounding more and more
metaphysical by the day! This is the Nature of our world. We are spiritual beings
having a physical experience, not the other way around. Astrology is not a hard
science, and intuitive wisdom always deepens our understanding of the
messages, which is why computer generated readings are never fully
satisfactory. Astrology is a holistic pathway, available to all.

To any who question my authenticity, I am a professional
astrologer and metaphysician, not Madam Zelda,
(with all due respect, of course).

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