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Pool of Light ~ Gilbert Williams

Why SoulScopes?

Most astrologers and their horoscope columns talk about "what is going to happen
to you" as if you have no choice in the matter. SoulScopes will help you understand
WHY those things might be happening, and WHAT you can DO about it. The primary
difference is that the former assumes that we are helpless victims of Fate, while
Sandy's vantage point offers you choices, and they are choices compatible
with YOUR Soul's Path, not leftovers from anyone else's!

We have been thoroughly conditioned - as a people - by various religious, parental and
political models, to believe ourselves to be powerless and therefore, at the mercy of
some greater power (God, Dad, government...) who can randomly select us to be
cursed, or to be blessed. As long as we believe this propaganda, we are
perpetually stuck in the old paradigms and cannot progress forward.

This does not exclude our alignment with the Divine,
however perceived via our own personal spiritual inclinations.
I am simply pointing out the helplessness invoked by many organized
religions to disempower the individual and make them part of the flock, to be
pushed and pulled by the 'powers that be' and robbed of their birthrite of
freedom of self-expression and personal evolutional development.

The Birth Chart is like a fingerprint,
The Birth Chart is like a fingerprint, a unique mandala of your own personal formula for Life.
a unique mandala of your own personal formula for Life.


Your horoscope can be used to predict the patterns of your life in a general sense, but
the expressions of these patterns can manifest on a number of different levels. Once
we begin to recognize our own vibrational interaction and cooperation with the Flow
of Universal Energy (the Tao), then we can begin to alter our position or stance
in order not to get too far out of alignment. Sandy can show you that
the answers are usually far simpler than you imagine.

Through the cycles revealed in your SoulScope, Sandy can illuminate
the hidden corners for you and help you see the connections between your Soul's
intention and what is actually going on. If we are blocking the Flow in any way,
then it will find "the path of least resistance" in which to manifest, just like
water running downhill. The greater our resistance, the farther afield
it has to go in order to find an open channel. This can land us in
some precarious positions, which can often be avoided, or even
used to our advantage, with a little insight and guidance.
The problem is never solely outside of us. The solution
is in our SoulScope, written in celestial code.


The entire Universe is made up of vibrations. Each of us resonates to our own
frequency (as shown by the birth chart), but each one affects others, who in turn
affect others, and eventually the one affects the All. Once we can escape from the
prison of instilled Fear and open our Hearts to Love (starting with Love of Self as
an individual manifestation of the All), KNOWING that we are each a vital piece
of the Whole, then we can begin to experience the glorious gifts that Life has
to offer, rather than feeling like the gifts always go to somebody else.


Once we accept full responsibility for our condition and situation, and align ourselves with
what IS, we can begin to feel our own personal rhythms pulsing through us, informing our
every move. Being empowered by your own Inner Truth, as seen in your personal
SoulScope, is an experience all its own because you know it is really you!

Hexagram 30 of the I Ching says it this way:
_____   __ __   _____   _____   __ __   _____
"Human life on earth is conditioned and unfree, and
when we recognize this limitation and make ourselves
dependent upon the harmonious and beneficent
forces of the cosmos, we achieve success."

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Knowledge IS Freedom!

The natal chart can be rightly interpreted only
by men and women of intuitive wisdom;  these are few.
- Paramahansa Yogananda

Sandy's clients have offered these testimonials:

My goodness ~ you are good! Everything you say feels so right!
I feel empowered, enlightened and relieved. - s.b.
You hit a chord and raise people's awareness in such an amazing way! - s.b.
I can't believe how much sense this all makes! - l.s.
Not many people impress me or make me as awe-inspired as you do,
Sandy. You are brilliant and I am so blessed to know a true astrologer
and true mystic, as you are. - j.p.a.
Wow! I feel free. You have given me back myself! - b.c.
You have saved my life. I am serious! - j.d.
Your words are well-chosen and easy to listen to,
and your examples are so graphic that they stick in my mind.
It is like you speak in parables. - p.w.
Do you realize that in 25 years of consulting doctors and
therapists, you are the first person who has ever told
me that I had a choice in ANY of this?! - r.m.
I have learned more about myself and received more help from you
in this session than I did in five years of therapy. - c.s.


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